Fan Art Friday! We love this Indiana Jones poster by Joshua Budich.

Chris Rock gives an in-depth interview to The Guardian where he talks Top Five, parenthood and Kanye West.

Just Whoopi Goldberg giving you relationship advice in a strip club on your stag night. See Top Five and its all-star cameos in cinemas now.

As if spiders weren't scary enough. Terminator Genisys

Dragons, Terminators, the battle for humanity... Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke can handle anything. Terminator Genisys

We know what Sarah Connor will choose. Terminator Genisys

Good things come to those who wait. Terminator Genisys

"There's a little me in there, a little Eddie Murphy, a little Martin Lawrence, a little Chris Tucker, a little Adam Sandler - a lot of different parts, a lot of people that make Andre Allen."
Chris Rock talks to Digital Spy about Top Five. See it in cinemas now.

If you had to list the top five most influential artists who have shaped your life, who would you pick? Top Five is in cinemas now.

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